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Subjectmaybe that hole thing is a satire? I sure hope so (nt) Reply to this message
Posted byclem
Posted on12/30/04 04:49 PM

> For those of you who want to see my original post on it, scroll down the post
> list a bit.
> But now - now, the guy said on the 17th that he's "burned out" and taking a
> break. Yeah, I can see how burned out it's possible to get, what with all of
> the "not changing anything" and "releasing new versions with nothing changed"
> bit he had going there. Whew, that's real hard work.
> I also love how in the same post, he says - and I quote - "I'm not sure people
> realise the similarities; the DS has two of the GBAs GPU cores, and a
> near-identical CPU. It seems wise to start on a GBA base."
> Now, far be it from me to criticize someone for being an arrogant fuckhead, but
> doesn't that strike you as just being a little condescending? The thing is,
> everyone and his mother knows the similarities between the GBA and the DS. This
> guy just doesn't know all of the huge fucking differences. Yeah, the DS uses
> two ARM processors (an ARM7, the GBA's processor, and an ARM9, which is just
> slightly different), and it has two GBA graphic chipsets for the 2D graphics.
> However, saying that the DS uses a GBA graphic chipset or two for 2D means that
> emulating the GBA is some sort of a huge leap to emulating the DS is tantamout
> to saying that emulating Sega's System 24 board is a huge leap to emulating
> Sega's Model 2 board. As I said, perhaps this asshole doesn't realize the
> differences. Hmm, let's see. The cartridges are encrypted. You have 3D
> hardware to figure out (which should be rather hard, given the fact that there's
> little to no available documentation outside of a register list), encrypted
> cartridges, and additional audio hardware all add up to mean that just emulating
> the GBA and the ARM9 doesn't mean a goddamn thing for emulating the DS.
> Hell, for that matter, if it seems wise to start using a GBA code base, then why
> not use a pre-existing open source GBA emulator that works a whole hell of a lot
> better than something that he created, which appears to have been excreted from
> a cow's asshole?
> God. Some peoples' children.

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