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SubjectRe: About "encrypted cartridges" Reply to this message
Posted byMooglyGuy
Posted on01/01/05 08:28 PM

> Are you fully sure of it? if so, it's the decryption handled by the console or
> by the same game? just a day or two after the Metroid release there was already
> a pic of it with a modified message... is it because Metroid isn't encrypted...
> or because of other thing? I'm curious about this theme, it would make some
> people to shut up for a while heh.

I'm positive. Currently there are workarounds for Metroid, but just go to gbadev.org and look around the forums sometime. You'll know that I'm closer to getting a girlfriend than they are to breaking that crap.

The way it looks to me is that they're probably never going to break the encryption or figure out the 3D hardware unless something fucking miraculous happens, and I'm allowed to make that call because of experience with another thing: the encryption that Animal Crossing uses on its trade codes. For a good year after the game came out, people were arguing amongst themselves, coming up with all sorts of cockamamie ideas as to how it could possibly work, ultimately doing nothing, until I came along and blew it wide open. The only reason why that last part happened was because Nintendo were stupid enough to include the .MAP file from when they compiled the game, which gave me a list of all of the functions, their names, and addresses that the game used. Seeing as Nintendo haven't been that stupid with the DS, I highly doubt that special part of "someone coming along and doing it himself just to prove how wrong everyone else was" is going to happen.

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