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SubjectRe: Wow, 2 days into the new year and the Prima Donna wars have already started. Reply to this message
Posted byfinaldave
Posted on01/02/05 01:29 PM

> I just have one thing to say regarding all of this.
> factioning is the most retarded notion ever put upon this silly little hobby of
> ours. We've all got our egos too far up our own asses here.
> "Uuhh, i'm important because i can haxx0r cps2 boards."
> "Uuhh, i'm important because i wrote an emu."
> "Uuhh, i'm important because i can dump the romz."
> "Uuhh, i'm important because i'm a mod."
> etc.
> etc.
> etc.

I don't think it's a matter of importance, it's about feeling pissed off. For example you feel pissed off when you've done a lot of work on something only to feel in some way unappreciated

> You know what? We're nothing more than a bunch of geeks linked together through
> a hobby and the internet, this neverending dispute as to who shall be the
> über-geek of the week is simply pathetic. Seriously folks, this is but a small
> hobby in the multitude of our lives, stop taking it so goddamn fucking
> seriously.

To some people it might be a hobby but it's very distracting which is why people can get quite worked up about things, and if you put a lot of your (free) time into it only for someone else to slag you off, it's quite bad, you feel incredibly bitter. Also I don't think it's about being an uber-geek of the week at all, sometimes you just want to get on with it and NOT have to be the centre of attention.

"You've just got to love those earnest,nerdy types.(They're great in bed.)" - Shirley Manson

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