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SubjectRe: Justify or delete. Reply to this message
Posted byTechrat 2004
Posted on01/03/05 00:53 AM

> > > The smart generally avoid politics altogether, regardless of what their
> > > contributions are.
> > >The fact that some of you clowns created "emu-scene
> > > politics" in the first place is a testament to your immaturity and/or
> outright
> > > stupidity.
> > >
> > > Kai
> > >
> >
> > Now now Kai, thats not 100% true. If you mean "i never gave a fuck" then i
> > disagree. If memory serves you (like me) were also a donator to cps2shock
> under
> > your old "HeHateMe" handle, and you were very vocal about the situation, but
> if
> > you mean "i dont give a fuck anymore" then i totally agree.
> >
> > I have never been less interested in emulation then i am now. The only thing
> in
> > the last 2 years that remotley stirred my attention was GiriGiri and to a
> lesser
> > degree Chankast. With GiriGiri being a commercial emu there little room for
> > development, when the Saturn equivalent of EpsxE comes along then ill give a
> > fuck. As for Chankast, its impressive but ive already got 2 real DC's, and my
> > rig isnt quite fast enough for most games on it. If they add Kalierra or some
> > other form of netplay to it though then i really will be considering an
> upgrade,
> > playing 3rd Strike online would be great.
> >
> > But as of right now, with games like MGS3 and Rumble Roses theres just way too
> > many good games on the Ps2. It will take something special for emulation to
> drag
> > me away.
> >
> >
> >
> > http://www.emuchrist.org
> >
> The idealism and stupidity that prompted my contribution to Ra$h0000la's hash
> fund had nothing to do with politics, it had to do with getting shit emulated
> that actually needed to be preserved.
> I was always vocal about the silly crap that devs and their devpr0ts cook up to
> make what should be an enjoyable hobby into a hell of their own making.
> Nowadays, I couldn't really give a damn, but I'm just too immature to resist
> throwing in an "I told you so" every now and again. Thankfully, most of these
> tools are so corrupt and full of themselves I'm rarely if ever wrong.
> Kai

I'm still debating sending money to Razoola, I told him I would but after the stuff that happened, I decided to wait... I'll have to think about it, not that I was going to donate a ton of money...

I'm happy with what I've gotten, while I could get mad if a game I really like were hoarded, it wouldn't make the game get dumped or worked on, as I get older, I get happier with what I have...Heck my 'ancient' 333 MHZ system with it's ".39b6" MAME has over 75% of what I want... There's little for me to look for every release, but releases like Turbo OutRun make me happy...
My point being that since I'm so happy, issues like this don't bother me like they used to, maybe I'm maturing as I get older...

Not! LOL :)

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