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Subjectthat code is looking mad phat [nt] i wanna hex you up Reply to this message
Posted byJoffeman
Posted on01/03/05 12:58 PM

> > > Let me just say that there's little reverse engineering involved here since
> > that
> > > system is fully documented and we have both lots of documentation and a gnu
> > > toolchain for the vrender0 chip
> >
> > Documentation or not it was still a lot of work and ElSemi did his usual
> > excellent job, including the MAME port a few days later.
> Ofcourse he did, the above wasn't intended as a put-down. And, for the record, I
> have no problem with his driver being in MAME.
> > Look on the bright
> > side - when the next MAME comes out you can just port the cores and driver to
> > FBA and be back on the cutting edge of crappy Final Fight clones ;-)
> The sad part is that I actually don't even like Final Fight (or Street Fighter),
> I prefer shooters. :)
> Ofcourse I do have my own se3208 core already, but since that's written for MAME
> it would still need to be ported. Bleh.
> 0000B8F8: leri 0x0000 <0x00000000>
> 0000B8FA: leri 0x0BF3 <0x00000BF3>
> 0000B8FC: ldi 0x0000BF3C, %r3
> 0000B8FE: leri 0x0080 <0x00000080>
> 0000B900: leri 0x0000 <0x00200000>
> 0000B902: ldi 0x02000000, %r1
> 0000B904: cmp %r3, %r1
> 0000B906: jz 26 <0x0000B922>
> 0000B908: leri 0x0080 <0x00000080>
> 0000B90A: leri 0x0008 <0x00200008>
> 0000B90C: ldi 0x02000088, %r4
> 0000B90E: cmp %r4, %r1
> 0000B910: jz 16 <0x0000B922>
> 0000B912: sub %r4, %r1, %r6
> 0000B914: add %r3, %r6, %r3
> 0000B916: sub %r3, 1, %r3
> 0000B918: sub %r4, 1, %r4
> 0000B91A: ldb (%r3), %r2
> 0000B91C: stb %r2, (%r4)
> 0000B91E: sub %r6, 1, %r6
> 0000B920: jnz -12 <0x0000B916>
> etc. ad nauseam


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