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SubjectI know what I'm talking about Reply to this message
Posted byskydoune
Posted on01/03/05 01:15 PM

> Like I say you really have no idea what you are talking about! Try doing a
> fraction of the stuff any of the people we are talking about in this thread have
> done, and then you might be qualified to comment. If all you've done is played a
> few games in Nebula on your dad's PC then you have no idea at all, please don't
> bother clogging up message boards with your opinions.

To some people it might seems weird, but I have a life. Guess what, I do stuff in that life. Maybe I haven't written an emu and I might not be as leet as you, BUT, you don't have to do something for this "scene" to get bashed by a group of people. Hell, I used to make furniture, some of it appeared in art gallery. Did people like it, yes, did some people didn't, yes, did some people blantly told me it was shit, yes, am I a grown man, yes, did I cry went in my corner and said that people don't respect me enough, NO. Criticism, good or bad comments, it good to me, it only gives you hints, then you take some of it, the rest, why care so much about it. That's merely an example, yet again. And if it's so important to get a "coder's example", some of my friends are, and they didn't have an ego attitude and bitch about not getting recognition, and they've been through a lot, even problems with federal authorities.

Meh, I already gave you examples of it and you didn't get the idea. This shit applies to so much stuff, but when I see "no no you have no idea what you're talking about, do what I did then we'll talk" like if certain feelings can only be felt when you're an emu coder or rom dumper, I kinda fell sorry to see some people seem to forget there's a life beyond emu and message boards and that the same shit happens everyday to tons of people.

Oh and for the record, my dad never had a pc, I bought my own years before renaming rom files. OH SNAP

Testing underwear in outer space

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