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SubjectRe: dumping is too centralized as it is Reply to this message
Posted byCottonFND
Posted on01/03/05 07:10 PM

I do understand how expensive it is although I probably don't actually have it as clear as I think. I didn't actually expect any viable alternative.

I guess bottleneck was a bad word to use maybe, as finaldave thought it was pretty funny/lame I guess.

I was also thinking of it in terms of non-game related things. For instance if I was a lawyer or a company that wanted to stop emulation. I'd go afer dumpers with the non-standard equipment even if I didn't have real legal basis for a good case or even the ability to go to court without getting the case dismissed .

Additionally, I was thinking about if one of the dumpers with the more specilized equipment suddenly couldn't dump anymore due to a non-voluntary issue/problem (i.e. maybe a medical issue).

I was mainly wondering if it was feasible to increase the amount of dumpers and from the info you've given me I guess it's not. Thanks for the information though.

> > Maybe it'll be a good thing if other people either are motivated to learn how
> > to/aquire equipment to dump. Might cut down on all the board sending, etc.
> It
> > would be nice if there was a skilled dumper in each or almost region for the
> > MAME project so boards could avoid oversea travel except in some cases.
> You obviuously have no concept how expensive the setups are, anyone can dump
> basic roms (and do, there are people we have all over the world who can) but
> when you start looking at the more recent (1990 onwards) PCB's they have all
> sorts of custom/surface mounted chips, each needing custom adaptors (and thats
> assuming you have a base unit capable of reading them all, which most are not).
> The money involved runs into thousands or requires building your own equipment
> which needs a certain amount of skill, and complete setups like guru's run in to
> tens of thousands. Its just not economically viable to sponsor more than one
> setup,
> In the mean time there are still a few people round the world who can and do
> dump stuff on a regular basis and will be able to deal with all but the awkward
> cases,
> Six...
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