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SubjectRe: light guns for pc .. actlabs any others ? Reply to this message
Posted bylev
Posted on01/05/05 06:23 PM

> Okay i've been reading about the actlabs lightgun,
> most people seem to be happy with it but i'm very critical on stuff and have a
> few questions about it for people that own it.
> 1) i've seen there exist 2 versions now. Is there any diffrence between them
> besides being able to use it on a television.

One can be used on CRT only, the other on TV only.
> 2) The gun acts as a mouse so an obvious question is What happens with my
> connected PS/2 mouse? i mean do u have to unhook it in order for the act labs
> lightgun to work. And what happens with my mouse drivers will it mess things up
> like speed settings of my mouse etc. (i'm an fps pc gamer and i don't want
> anything to touch my mouse settings)

I'm not sure about driver settings, I'm fairly certain it does not mess with these. I believe it has a pass-through. I'll have to check again on my gun.

> 3) i've read about a white flash whenever u pull the trigger, how bad is this
> flash is it highly visible / irritating.
> 4) hows the accurcy and does there exist anything better on the market ? perhaps
> using some console lightgun and a convertor. Please share opions.

You won't find a converter for a console gun most likely. Especially not one that will let you use a console gun on your CRT. From all accounts, the reports from those who bought the guns were all positive. Never had one returned to the store. It's not a tank, like the ones you'll see in the arcade, so you have to be somewhate careful not to bang it all over the place, but otherwise it's top notch.

Best of luck finding one though, they have not made new stock on the PC guns for a while, and it looks like it may still be some time before new stock is available.

> Thanks
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