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SubjectIGS PGM -edit- Reply to this message
Posted byRoushiMSX
Posted on01/07/05 05:12 PM

Hey, let's talk about something else :(

So I was reading PGM.C today just to see what's going on in that neighborhood. Bummer that the different protection methods haven't been figured out 100% yet and that the hardware isn't really finished being emulated yet, but that was still a pretty enjoyable read and very informative.

Is PGM work a priority for any of the MAMEdevs or has it taken a backburner role because of all of the recent stuff (the Sega rewrite, the Crystal System driver from ElSemi, RB's M1, Ville's Model 3, etc)?

given the recent reaction to Progear, I can't wait to see how people react to ESPGaluda and Dodonpachi Daioujou. Protip: credit feeding your way through a shmup is similar to playing through a Street Fighter game with an invincibility cheat. It takes no skill and is not fun.

For maximum fun, limit your continues to either 1 or 0. Force yourself to learn patterns, adapt to the gameplay style and scoring system, and actually TRY instead of credit feeding and bomb spamming.

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