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SubjectRe: Pacifi3d Reply to this message
Posted byfinaldave
Posted on01/13/05 10:03 AM

> > Ace!
> > I wonder if it would be possible to do this with other tile based games, like
> > Mr.Do, BombJack, Dig-Dug etc?
> Yeah but you have to think whether 3d would do much for them . I think bombjack
> would be hard to see where you are going.

Nah it would do very little, I just thought it would look cool ;)

> > Or if it's possible to write a general case emulator which takes the tiles for
> > all of these and makes them into 3D.
> The more simple elements I already extrude to a fixed thickness. More
> compilcated ones could have a big lookup for tile number to model. These could
> be both quite generic. Though you still have the effort of generating all the
> models in the first place.
> The only difficulty is in doing tricks with the camera. eg Ive made the maze
> movable but the information text stay in place. This is done by identifying
> which tiles should be fixed or movable. I suppose that could be made generic
> but is the effect something you would want on a different game.
> Or the first person perspective mode. Here you need to identify the pacman
> sprite, its location and the direction its facing in (which is worked out
> through sprite numbers and whether it has been flipped). Making that generic
> would be much harder.

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