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SubjectRe: Let me ask... Reply to this message
Posted byRecap
Posted on01/15/05 07:12 AM

Forget it. Just found this on that Chinese site:

"kofbobo: IS kov2plus perfect now?
ElSemi: hmm, no, kov2 is not working yet .I need to extract the internal arm protection data
kofbobo: I see.thank you.you mean kov2?
ElSemi: yes ,that it has been dumped recently
kofbobo: Can you tell me something about NEBULA2.25?:)
ElSemi: heh I tried to get Martial masters running, but there seems to be problems in the arm emulation core
kofbobo: It seems that PGM ARM it's very hard to emu?
ElSemi: yes
kofbobo: If these games don't run perfect,will You let nebula2.25 out?
ElSemi: yes
kofbobo: how soon will nebula2.25 come out?:D
ElSemi: I hope next christmas .I hope I can release my Crystal System emulator too :)
kofbobo: Crystal system??
ElSemi: yes,Brezzasoft system with only 2 games 'Crystal of the kings' and 'Evolution Soccer'
kofbobo: will nebula2.25 support them?
ElSemi: no, it's a different emu standalone using my model2 emu framework,crystal system hardware is some strange combination of 3D and 2D hardware, say, 2.5D :) it can perform texture mapping, but only on quad, no perspective.no rotation, just flat mapping, but with arbitrary texture index step, so it can roz sprites"

So I suppose ElSemi's still working on Nebula's next version and the PGM protection. Knowing him, I'm pretty sure he's trying to get the games perfectly emulated before releasing it...

But I'm wondering: Didn't MAME have a better PGM emulation than Nebula?

> > These shots are from KOV2 and Martial masters, it's not a big problem to get
> the
> > games working enough to take some shots, but there will be severe gameplay
> > problems on them if the protection is not emulated (for example, martial
> masters
> > fighters don't move, KOV2 enemies don't attack, DDP2 enemies don't shot).
> > But I know that somebody has almost finished the protection emulation for KOV
> > Super Heroes, that's a really nice progress.
> >
> Will we see a new Nebula soon?
> Thanks.

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