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SubjectMeaningless Turd Joust *nt* Reply to this message
Posted byBBQmyNUTZ
Posted on01/19/05 02:32 PM

> Ahh, this is fun.
> http://cps2shock.retrogames.com/ and http://haze.mame.net/
> Raz throws a hook
> 18/01/2005
> Updated CPS-2 Driver
> Below is a updated CPS2 driver that fixes inaccurate details in the driver
> as it stands in the u3 release. Most of the stuff in this driver was submitted
> days before the u3 release but rejected...? See the included changes.txt for
> changes against the u3 driver, there is also a note about incorrect values in
> the NeoGeo driver.
> Haze weaves
> Cps2 Rejection .. Cps2 update wasn't included quite simply because i'm sick of
> hearing about it. After about 7-8 submissions of one person claiming one thing
> based on their boards, and another person another based on theirs I stopped
> caring too much and put the driver on freeze until somebody has some actual
> useful contribution (such as decryption) instead of nitpicking over minor text
> details which it probably change between boards when there are far larger errors
> in the driver (the entire decryption method). I have better things to do with my
> time and am more inclined in this case to stick with internal submissions from
> MameDev members than external ones.
> The NeoGeo frequencies will however be changed, that was an oversight when
> adding the new bios
> Raz goes for an uppercut
> 18/01/2005
> To HAZE, about CPS2 driver.
> If you were to take time and read the included changes.txt and follow the
> advice of where the changes made can be confirmed you will see the changes in
> the driver (below) are accurate. The fact that you are willing to allow _known_
> incorrect information to remain in the driver just shows that you are not the
> best person to decide what goes in or stays out of MAME because you are letting
> your own personal opinions affect that accuracy on the MAME project as a whole.
> How many CPS2 games have you seen? I personally have seen well over 100 and
> while DEVs may not like that I will not provide tables to help break the
> encryption of CPS2 at this time (because there is a 2004 game on the system) I
> am sure all agree that I have never given inaccurate info when it comes to data
> I submit to the MAMEdev.
> Haze interrupts with a bodyblow
> Since Raz wants to play it this way... Raz- This is between you and Guru, NOT
> me, convince Guru, who has a pile of boards, that your changes are correct, not
> me, I listen to other members of the dev team, and if you're so fussy over
> 'known incorrect' information being in the driver I may as well rip the whole
> XOR thing out because its 100% inaccurate. As stated the reason I froze the
> driver is because I'm sick of hearing about the whole thing, and really quite
> inclined just to trash it as its the source of so much controversy, creating
> further arguments involving me does not help the issue.
> There is a fairly normal verification process for external submissions, Guru is
> in charge of verifying any changes made to board information in the source as
> the majority of this information was supplied by him. Many submissions of
> various types have failed to get past the verification stage, nobody gets any
> kind of special treatment in this regard.
> Looks like that's the end of round one. Can't wait to see Round 2.

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