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Subject**UPDATE - ZSNES Reply to this message
Posted byTheInformer
Posted on01/20/05 08:21 AM

ZSNES v1.42[Home Page]

From the readme.htm file:

All Ports:
  • Corrected output of BRR decode for invalid ange values (>12).[TRAC]
  • Fixed sustain level 4 (5/8). [TRAC]
  • More window boxes now have borders. [ipher]
  • Close zip files properly when IPS is not found in zip (fixes crashing with certain zlibs). [Nach]
  • Cleaned up some code. [Nach, ipher, grinvader]
  • Ported chip detection to C, improved BS detection. [Nach]
  • Ported rewind to C (thanks Nach, TRAC). [grinvader]
  • New reminder text. [grinvader, AspiringSquire]
  • Rollback of "Improved accuracy of base rates used for ADSR, GAIN, noise, and echo emulation". [ipher]