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SubjectUsing VisualBoyAdvance to record AVIs Reply to this message
Posted byRoushiMSX
Posted on01/22/05 08:54 PM

Ok, I'm having a problem with VisualBoyAdvance and Medal of Honor Infiltrator (US version). I recorded a VMV from the game (from boot up till the end of the first mission) and it plays back fine. Now when I try to record an AVI of it, the resulting video has gradualy desynching audio (it gets worse as the video goes on) regardless of which codec I use. The emulator is running full speed (just to check, I tried running it at 1x window size and without any filters. It kept a solid full framerate the whole time and the problem was the exact same as when i had it at 4x tv mode). Even tried a few different codecs (I'm a slut for the IntelYUV but I tried full frame uncompressed and XviD and the problem has been the exact same).

I haven't encountered this problem with Tales of Phantasia or Double Dragon Advance in the past and I'm curious if there's some settings i can play with to get it to sync up good or if I should just fire off a bug report (is the author even accepting bug reports of any kind these days?).

Yes, I know it'd be more bandwidth friendly to distribute the VMV so people could fire it up and run it full screen with mad filters and such... blah blah blah. I like recording out to AVI so that I can watch the video on anything and maybe even do a DVD at some point (If anyone has a ZSNES/SNES9x movie file of someone speedrunning Final Fantasy 6 using the 6-7 hour method, hook a niggah up. That'd be an awesome DVD set)

Oh well. Here's the music video for Silent Hill 3's intro song,"You're Not Here" for actually caring enough to read my post. Why not watch the intro while you're at it?