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SubjectInteresting point, but.... Reply to this message
Posted byrandem
Posted on02/01/05 11:00 AM

> Project641.5 +service pack1
> -Download/use RICE 6.0.0c visual plugin
> That's as good as it will get sadly. N64 emulators are steaming piles of shit
> built off the backs of laziness with buggy cores and 3rd party plugins trying to
> compensate for it.
I agree that N64 emulation sadly isn't on the same level as other platform emulation (such as Snes or PSX).
But i don't think the plugin system is to blame for this.

If that is the reason for slow emulation progress shouldn't other plugin based platform emulation suffer from the same problem? Emulators such as PSEmuPro, ePSXe and PCSX 2 all have reached a succesfull emulation level using the same plugin based system (seperation of input, graphics, sound etc).

If you ask me the N64 emulation scene isn't on par with other scenes, because devs simply stopped working on it.
If people like Lemmy, Schibo, Rice, Zilmar, Jabo, StrmnNrmn, Icepir8, F|res, RCP, ContraSF (this list sure brings a lot of memories back) or even Epsilon or RealityMan (*cough* forget the last name. that was a joke) still were active in the N64 scene,..nobody would be complaining about N64 emulation.
But these people stopped working on it because they simply became disinterested in the system after spending many years on it (maybe N64 emulation takes too much time in comparison with other systems).
Of all the emus Nemu64 was and still is my favorite.
It's a shame no progress is being made anymore now computers are fast enough for accurate emulation (3 to 4 Ghz cpu)...

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