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Subjectum epsxe is superb, roughly as good as ZSNES. try again plz. -nt- Reply to this message
Posted byFakester
Posted on02/01/05 06:12 PM

> Plugins based emus are generally junk for the reasons VmprHntrD said. The core
> programmers did a bit of work, but not enough to be solid, hence the plugins
> have to deal with that to do the best they can.
> The problem with a plugin based emus comes down to the fact that the way plugins
> interact with the core program may change over time as that program evolves (and
> gets better/more accurate) which would make the plugin authors have to catchup.
> But keeping backwards compatibility for plugins may just lead to the same
> problems with emulation.
> Most the really great emu's out there don't use plugins or only minimally use
> plugins where the emulation core can do most of the work on its own.
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