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SubjectRe: Most PSX emus are bleh as well Reply to this message
Posted byVmprHntrD
Posted on02/01/05 08:19 PM

> The problem with a plugin based emus comes down to the fact that the way plugins
> interact with the core program may change over time as that program evolves (and
> gets better/more accurate) which would make the plugin authors have to catchup.
> But keeping backwards compatibility for plugins may just lead to the same
> problems with emulation.

Super large no shit there. And I got proof.

I hadn't touched Starfox64 in about a year on an emulator. In that time I've went from using like an older Jabo video plugin for Rice 6.0.0c, and some other shit. Well, now...at first the game was black screen until I tweaked a few things in a weird way. THEN, when I could get it going it ran at 50% speed...oddly the different CONTROLLER plugin (WTF?!) caused that one. And finally once it was running, the fog if on gives about a .5sec ahead view (ie: nothing) and many polygons flicker and sputter.

Before hand 1yr ago...it ran more beautiful than the cart would.

That's why I said FUCK plugins and their halfassed backbones they have to contend with. Plugins are awesome, but when the moron making what they get jacked into halfasses something everything else suffers. Go read the emutalk.net boards, lots of bitching how X and Y used to work and doesn't now and the plugin writers bitchin about buggy shit in the emulators and no open source to fix it.

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