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SubjectOffline lists screenshots... Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on02/02/05 08:51 AM

In regards to the "latest/newest" naming convention of ROMs, is there any site the has 'in-game' screenshots that match the ROM names? Reason I am asking is I have setup 'in-game' screenshots for all my ROMs under the following systems:

Atari 2600, Atari 7800, ColecoVision, NES, SMS, Turbo Graphx 16, Sega Genesis, SNES... Plus others I'm sure I am forgetting.

Anyhow, I'm talking literally thousands of screenshots I have created - and they are all under my currently named list of ROMS (Which is sort-of a hybrid between the "Good" format and a format I chose to label the ROM at the time when I was creating screenshots for that particular system). However, I have seen the Offline list of ROMS - and I *really* like the naming convention and the idea behind it. On the other hand, I have never seen any matching screenshots posting(s) accompanying the Offline list ROMS postings on the newsgroups. Additionally, I do not want to recreate thousands of screenshots that have taken me years to create.

So does anyone know where to download, or know if matching in-game screenshots exist for the Offline list naming convention?

Thanks In Advance,