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SubjectRe: Anyone working on NAOMI emulator? Reply to this message
Posted byZe-ro
Posted on02/03/05 12:01 PM

> > > I want some MARVEL VS CAPCOM 2
> >
> > If you want emulated MVC2 right now, run the DC version on Chankast. (in case
> > you haven't tried it yet)
> I prefer arcade
> so ill wait thanks
> >
> Waiting for a new awaking for emulation...

Dude, the Dreamcast version is the exact same game. The system uses the same hardware for crying out loud. If you really love the game that much, then pick up a Dreamcast and a copy of the game and enjoy it legally. You'll also not have to worry about emulation artifacts, and you'll get to use a Dreamcast pad for control, which works much better than the PC keyboard and most USB controllers I've seen.


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