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SubjectZSNES Feb 7 WIP Reply to this message
Posted byHawq
Posted on02/08/05 01:48 PM

Snes emu, heres whats new:

  • Fixed SRAM path saving when loaded from config file. [Nach]

  • Even lower CPU utilization in GUI, this is a really quick and dirty fix [pagefault]
  • F1/F3 menu's now included in CPU usage fix [pagefault]

  • Begin support of the debugger. [pagefault]

  • Fixed video change freeze problems. [Nach]

  • Fixed register overwriting when using Check SRAM+Save. [Nach]
  • Fixed loading of sound off. [Nach]
  • Fix some ZMV bugs. [pagefault]
  • Fixed some bizarre sprite corruption bugs in some squaresoft games. [pagefault]
  • Fixed video fail restore. [Nach]
  • Removed some unneeded code that only slowed things down. [Nach]
  • Netplay fixes round 3. [pagefault, Nach]
  • Align more data. [Nach, pagefault]

  • Changed video change key to spacebar. [Nach]

  • Added CPU parameter for specific CPU optimizations. [Nach]
  • Something to help our porting of code from assembly to C. [Nach]
  • By annoying bordering on moronic demand, added win32-unix-shell. [Nach]
  • Merged ztcp. [Nach]
  • Removed src/video/ [Nach]

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