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SubjectRe: What's keeping CPS3 from being emulated? Reply to this message
Posted byAntos
Posted on02/15/05 02:33 PM

> > I'm just curious. I haven't been reading up on the CPS3 hardware lately and
> was
> > wondering what in particular is keeping us from playing our beloved Third
> Strike
> > on our PC.
> No-one who is capable of emulating it cares about it, mainly due to the
> enourmous lamer magnet status,
> Six...

Talking about lamer magnets....
I was harassed by some rude black guy who I met on kaillera, (back in 2002), almost __EVERY DAY__ for *TWO* years..and it didn't stop until I changed my AIM handle. (and before someone screams racism--I also am black).

I even had to go contact that teenager's ISP and get him temporarily kicked off the net. Of course, he eventually came back and was worse than ever. (some people are just STUPID and stubborn as a bag of bricks). If I wanted, I could have simply called the police, filed a complaint with a "Terrorism" overtone in it, and he would have been gone for a VERY long time...

Those are the type of lamers people are talking about.
You occasionally get a few decent gamers, such as those who regularly compete at the nationals/ECC/Evolution tournaments on kaillera, and then you have the scrubs...

It's because of idiots like that that I stopped gaming there.
Heck, if CPS3/Naomi is ever emulated, I'll go commit suicide and run back to UT2004 tail first...

I might give it a try again, (I do miss lag fighter) though my roms are out of date since .78 (too much Battlefield 1942 ever since I bought my new computer back in March'04)....though the SF2 games still work from that set, with .92...

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