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SubjectSo what Reply to this message
Posted byMrClick
Posted on02/21/05 04:38 AM

MAME just goes underground.

Filesharing went underground.
Downloading ROMs went underground.
How could it hurt MAME if it got a little more "unofficial". Sure some MAMEdevs have to be on their toes maybe. In many states, MAME is barely legal as it is.

But even if Mr. David R.Foely of 1281 Wayne Avenue, San Jose, CA 95131 goes around closing websites and threating eBayers he can't stop MAME. It's like music companies legaly attacking makers and owners of music instruments because you can infringe their copyrights by playing their songs on them. As long as the MAME source is in thousands of homes who can closedown MAMEdev.

Did Ultracade even pay the person who made the MAME logo for his design work? Who can stop us from just making a new logo, give the whole thing a new name, call "MAME cabinets" "PC-enabled arcade cabs, hard- and software included" on eBay.

I can understand how some people are angry now about commercial fatcats trying to make money by raping an idea that was around for free for many years. Be angry for a week but don't let Ultracade get to you with their legal mumbo jumbo and SCO attitude.

Linux is here to stay and so is filesharing and emulation.

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