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SubjectRe: Stop this man, NOW! Reply to this message
Posted byfinaldave
Posted on02/21/05 02:36 PM

> I just would like to point out that in the event that this CEO guy actually has
> honorable intentions (as he says in his post), he must still be stopped.
> If he gets to own the Trademark for MAME he might not neccessarily start bugging
> the authors to "stop infringing his trademark", but he would have not only the
> right, but according to current copyright legislation: THE DUTY to protect his
> trademark for fear of loosing it. A pretty grim proposition if you ask me.
> I am not even going to go into the wrongness of applying for the Trademark to
> something, that is made by someone else, is still being made, and in addition
> rip of the logo creator.
> I would actually be a little surprised if this is even possible, but then
> again... You never know. It's been a long time since the laws were designed to
> protect the weak and needy.
> Of course MAME can just go underground (as it has always kind of been) but it
> shouldn't have to.
> This is not about nostalgia or games. This is actually important in the real
> world.

Have to say this whole thing is a little strange, does it remind anyone of the SCO thing?

update - just been reading on SlashDot, this thing is all over there. LOL - they already pointed out the SlashDot thing.

Poor David Foley, I feel sorry for him a way, ok that was a bit evil, but he's never going to hear the end of this... people are already posting his e-mail address and his personal phone number and address (and lawyer's name) on Slashdot.

Note to self: things not to do in Emulation:
* Don't try and Trademark 'MAME' :-P

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