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SubjectGood job Haze Reply to this message
Posted byJAW
Posted on03/21/05 04:59 PM

> > Don't tell the news staff what to do. Any build of mame in some way is in
> > someones book somewhere considered 'illegal.' Do you have any actual evidence
> > proving this build is actually illegal? Does it have any ROMS with it? Any
> > copyrighted source, XORs, or anything else? If not, grow up and deal with it.
> > Sound as bad as that asswipe sending out C&D letters to MAME build makers
> > claiming he owns a trademark he does not.
> >
> >
> Except we own the copyright to Mame and the said build makes modifications we
> don't approve of. There currently seems to be a rising problem with these
> Illegal builds so I'm doing something about it.
> Tell Me Why You're Here, I Came To Disappear
> http://haze.mame.net/

Seriously, it's about time someone took action on these devious builds. I agree with all of you points as to why they need to be removed. Don't let a few nay sayers interfere with your crusade.


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