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SubjectGetting ready to buy a gaming laptop...opinions wanted. Reply to this message
Posted byisamu99
Posted on03/22/05 09:08 PM

Hi everyone. I am getting ready to buy a killer gaming laptop to take to work with me. Will be using it as a desktop replacement as well :) Anyway I am leaning towards the *Sager 9860*. Most likely next week I will be pulling the trigger.

I'm getting it mostly for emulators and PC racing sims. MAME, Chankast, Nebula, FreeD0, ZNES are among the emulators I will be using the most. But since this I'm here, I just want to present some specs that this laptop has and see what you guys think and what percent of Mame games will run on it without any hiccups....

Windows XP Professional
P4 3.8GHZ LGA775800FSB w/HT(570)
P4 3.6GHZ w/2MB L2 Cache EM64T (660)
nVIDIA GeForce Go 6800 GDDR3
2048 MB 533DDR2 (2 DIMMS)
60GB 7200rpm

Total cost $4300(includes "No dead pixel" policy, free shipping, large backpack, and a two year warranty)

So what do you think will run under these specs? Can I expect all the Midway CruisN games to run at a smooth clip?

What about the San Francisco Rush games? Aren't those gonna be supported in Mame soon, and will take up quite a bit of processing power?

Then there's the Model 2 games in Nebula that I want to mess around with...especially Indy 500. Can I expect Indy to run at 60fps with these specs?

Don't forget Namco's System games in Mame. What about those? Which System 12, 21, 22 games will I be able to run in at a smooth framerate?

There's also the graphics card issue. I know that Mame is processor dependant, but between the GeForce 6800Go and the Ati X800 Mobility, which one would you choose?

These specs may seem like overkill to someone who isn't a die hard first person shooter fan and will just use mostly emulators, but some of these emulators like Chackast, Nebula, epxse and VivaNonno require quite a bit of processing power as well as good gfx card. Therefore I feel the processor needs to be as bleeding edge and future proof as possible.

Last but not least, are there any other alternatives to this Sager notebook that you recommend and feel is cheaper? I've checked out the Alienwares and was going to go with them, until I realize how long you have to wait to get one delivered....TWO MONTHS or so!!!! I know $4300 is a lot for a notebook but this is pretty much bleeding edge stuff here. I've seen the Toshiba satellites and HP Pavilions and wasn't able to to find one that have a graphics card as powerful as either the nVidia 6800Go or the Ati X800, not to mention they're limited to 1gig ram as well as Pentium 3.4 processors.

Thanks in advance :)

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