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SubjectThe AvP screenshots are something else........ Reply to this message
Posted byShawn
Posted on03/23/05 01:59 AM

The AvP screenshots he's talking about are unrelated to Jakesh. Jakesh (the Kallus guy) had posted some really scrambled up screenshots of MvSF pr X-men way back, claimed to be emulated screenshots.

The AvP shots are a little more recent (about a year before the CPS2 breakthrough). I don't think those were ever really explained.....but they were definitely legit emulated screenshots....whether or not someone else had beatin Raz to bypassing the encryption is another question though because I remember there being some talk about the screenshots having come from a so called "CPS1.5" board which was essentially a CPS2 board minus the encryption. I'd like to think someone beat Raz to it :P

> > Heh, remember that hoax? I still wonder if those AvP screens were real or
> not.
> >
> they were never real; that hoax guy (what was his name again? J...?) admitted it
> and sent the boards to Raz afterwards afaik.
> clem

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