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SubjectPCSX2 wip update, DS emu & KI emu for Xbox Reply to this message
Posted byHawq
Posted on03/24/05 02:15 PM

News of a couple of games here, first up over at the homepage are a couple of shots of Ridge Racer 5 gettin further than before, no ingame shots yet though. The second is a whole host of shots of Virtua Fighter 4 & this one does have a ton of in game shots, you can check em out in this thread on the Emuhelp boards courtesy of CKemu so if you're still hanging round here, why? go look now

A new DS emu, heres the info:

    Emulation status
    ARM7TDMI 32-bit ARM CPU support (100%) 16-bit THUMB CPU support (100%)
    ARM946E-S: 32-bit ARM CPU support (90%) 16-bit THUMB CPU support (100%)
    Real sync emulation for HBlanks and VBlanks
    GFX Mode 0 * 16 colors support * 256 colors support * BG0/BG1/BG2/BG3 support * 256x256 up to 512x512 tile maps support * Default priorities support * Horizontal/Vertical flipping support * Horizontal/Vertical offset support * FadeIn/FadeOut Effect support * Alpha-blending Effect support * Rotation/Zoom * Windows 0/1 support
    OAM support * Horizontal/Vertical position * Horizontal/Vertical flip * 8x8 up to 64x64 sprite size support * FadeIn/FadeOut Effect support * Alpha-blending Effect support * Trasparent OBJ
    256 colors line-per-line palette support

Get from here if the dl will work for you, it aint workin fer me at the moment

KI-Emu X Beta 2
Killer Instinct emu for the Xbox, heres whats new:
  • Now runs from disc as well as HDD. (see notes below)
  • Fixed reversed HP and HK controls.
  • Fixed inverted directions when resizing screen.
  • Optimized display settings and screen size.
  • UI has been given a facelift.
  • Added nice loading screens. (mainly for disc users)
  • Included DATs to ensure correct ROMs are used.
    BTW, You'll need to delete your old 'Killer Instinct X' savegame (or e:\tdata\64646464) before running this version.

No dl link due to XDK use so hit the usual spots for it

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