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SubjectRe: MAME32 .95 -nt- Reply to this message
Posted bylux_92886
Posted on03/27/05 11:09 PM

> New mame, heres whats new:
> Changes from Aaron Giles
> Sound rewrite crash fixes
> * fixed crash in garyoret
> * fixed crash in system18.c bootlegs
> * fixed crash in konamigt
> * fixed crash in scion
> * fixed crash in double dribble
> * fixed crash in iron horse
> CPUs tagged as audio CPUs are no longer disabled when sound is turned off.
> Changes from Nicola Salmoria
> Sega Updates
> - decrypted and added aurailj. the program roms are bad however so it doesn't
> work
> - the Altered Beast sets were a mess. Some of them were using the wrong version
> of the gfx ROMs (that's why they had to be loaded in a strange way) Should be
> correct now.
> - bayrout1 is the us version not world
> - wally1 is revision B
> - added a few keys with NO_DUMP
> - more fixes to descriptions and ROM names
> Changes from Pierpaolo Prazzoli
> added sound to Excelsior
> fixed title screen glitch in Super Slam
> fixed sprite bug in Buccaneers
> fixed crash in new Bull Fighter set
> added proper PROM decoding for Ring King (Woodplace license)
> fixed cocktail mode in Calorie Kun
> fixed ufosensi093u3gra and ufosensi093gre
> Changes from R.Belmont
> - Moved actual CD-ROM and harddisk device emulation out of am53cf96.c to new
> scsicd.c and scsihd.c files.
> - AM53cf96.c is now fully configurable: you can have any combination of up to 7
> CD-ROMs and/or harddisks attached to the emulated SCSI bus and specify what
> each one's SCSI ID is.
> - CD-ROM emulation expanded to support more SCSI commands and bugfix some
> existing ones.
> - Changed konamigv and konamigq drivers to support the new 53cf96 configuration
> system.
> Added -extractcd to convert CHD-CDs back into CDRDAO
> .bin/.toc images.
> Other Changes
> Improvements to Best League [Angelo Salese]
> Corrected XX mission dips [Brian Troha]
> Verified Simpsons sound chip frequency against real board [Chris Hardy]
> Added 24-bit cheat finding support [Thorwak]
> MESS specific sndintrf update [Nathan Woods]
> Fixed Buccaneers sound frequency [Corrado Tomaselli]
> New Games / Clones supported or promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING status:
> Demons & Dragons (prototype) [Frank Palazzolo] (no sound)
> Ghost Hunter [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
> Tut's Tomb [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
> MegaPlay: Streets of Rage 2 [Guru] (may crash due to poor genesis emulation)
> MegaPlay: Biohazard Battle [Guru]
> Nagano Winter Olympics '98 (GX720 EAA) [R.Belmont]
> clones
> Hex Pool [Brian Troha]
> Hook (Japan) [Corrado Tomaselli]
> Puzzle Club (set 2) [Corrado Tommaselli]
> Big Kong [Tom Girardot, Joe Magiera]
> Sunset Riders (Ver ADD) [Razoola]
> New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
> Pinball Action (set 3, encrypted?) (seems to be encrypted, segacrpt?)
> Get from here
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