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SubjectMEKA 0.70 released Reply to this message
Posted byJAW
Posted on04/03/05 06:17 PM


MEKA 0.70
- Released source code.
Added SOURCES.TXT file with some information for programmers.
- Registration key is a thing of the past. It never served a real purpose
other than identifying donators. All donators are publicly listed at:
Big thanks to all of them for their great and useful support!
I'll keep sending news/e-mails to donators.
MEKA is now officially not having a registration procedure anymore, but
your donations are still greatly welcome and are helping me to cover a
part of my never-ending Sega 8-bit expenses, including buying cartridges
for dumping and preservation purpose.
I updated documentation to reflect this, and changed occurences of the
"registration" word by "donation", as it was always meant to be anyway.
- In SMS mode, fixed color filling when VDP rendering is disabled.
Previously disabled parts where filled with black, instead of the current
border color. No commercial game exhibited the problem. Chris Cowell's
port of Aleste 2 from GG to SMS did.
- Disabling background display now shows a yellow-ish color instead of the
black/border color, to help sprite ripping. Sorry it's not FF00FF pink,
but I am currently lacking free palette entries, and anyway, a screen full
of FF00FF pink would damage your eyes in a matter of seconds. :)
- Development:
- Added new full-featured breakpoints and watchpoints!
- Manage multiple breakpoints/watchpoints. Add/remove/enable/disable.
- Break and watch on CPU (rwx), IO (rw), VRAM (rw) and PRAM (w) buses.
- Break and watch on specific access (read/write/execute).
- Break and watch on single address or whole range.
- Previous "B" command changed to "S" (step over).
- Previous "B xxxx" command (one-time breakpoint) is still accessible
using the "C" (continue) command.
- Added detailed help for each command.
(eg: "HELP B" to get help on breakpoints).
- Instruction flow disassembly now attempt to display instructions before
the current one, based on some magical voodoo technique of mine.
Don't expect it to work in all cases - it is theorically impossible to
do with variable-sized instructions anyway - but it can be improved.
This feature helps figuring out what's being executed contextually.
- The current instruction is now highlighted.
- ROM edition in the memory viewer was not taken into account without
a hard reset in region 0x0400-0x3FFF. Fixed.
- Fixed savestate saving/loading which didn't restore scanline number
properly, affecting debugging using those features.
- Tile viewer now display tile starting address.
- Tile viewer now update information while mouse hovering.
- Added optional length parameter to "MEM" and "DASM" commands.
- Fixed ASCII display of memory in "MEM" command.
- Added "debugger_console_lines" and "debugger_disassembly_lines"
variables in configuration file, allowing to change debugger size.
Combine with a high-resolution MEKA desktop, and you can't be unhappy.
- Added debugger session logging to file "debug/debuglog.txt".
Can be disabled by clearing "debugger_log" in configuration file.
- Fixed a bug using the memory editor to write to RAM in Coleco Vision mode.
- Hacked a way so that you can affect controller inputs data while debugging
(press a direction, it immediately apply on the emulated system state).

- When used in the interface, analog peripherals supported by the mouse now
only perform their action if the mouse has focus on the game window.
This prevent accidental in-game shooting when using tools or debugging.
Of course, you should not use the interface if you only intend to play.
- Fixed /LOG command line parameter (broken recently).
- Added and modified entries in the checksum and compatibility lists.
Redumped more games, sorted more versionning/country confusion.
To avoid certain confusion, all Game Gear games originally running
in Master System mode were moved back in the Game Gear section.
This makes the list consistant with actual cartridge releases.
Some particular renaming includes:
SMS - 17a40e29 - Alex Kidd in Miracle World (US) --> Alex Kidd in Miracle World [v0] (US)
SMS - aed9aac4 - Alex Kidd in Miracle World --> Alex Kidd in Miracle World [v1] (note: this was released in both US and Europe)
SMS - 08c9ec91 - Alex Kidd in Miracle World (JP) --> Alex Kidd no Miracle World (JP)
SMS - 0df8597f - Basket Ball Nightmare --> Basketball Nightmare
SMS - e421e466 - Borgman (JP) --> Chouon Senshi Borgman (JP)
SMS - 11645549 - Solomon no Kagi (JP) --> Solomon no Kagi - Oujo Rihita no Namida (JP)
SG - 0b4bca74 - Border Line (JP) --> Borderline
SG - 922c5468 - Souko Ban (JP) --> Soukoban (JP)
SG - 1ae94122 - Star Jacker [old] (JP) --> Star Jacker [v0] (JP)
SG - 7f25deca - Star Jacker [new] (JP) --> Star Jacker [v1]
GG - fe12a92f - Densetsu no Houguku (JP) --> Mickey Mouse Densetsu no Oukoku (JP) (terrible typo)
GG - 937fd52b - Kaito Saint Tail (JP) --> Kaitou Saint Tail (JP)
GG - dfa805a0 - Hanou no Toukyuuji Dodge Danpei (JP) --> Honoo no Toukyuuji Dodge Danpei (JP)


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