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SubjectEver have deja vu? -nt- Reply to this message
Posted byEvildrak
Posted on04/09/05 00:59 AM

> Around 15 years ago or so, I remember there being a few videogame related tv
> shows. Gamepro had their own show where they did reviews, previews, and I think
> even had a mailbag. I vaguely remember a cartoon being a segment on the show
> too with a bunch of characters from Acclaim games (the knight from Wizards and
> Warriors, the Bigfoot monster truck(!), Tyrone from Arch Rivals, and some sort
> of tomatoe looking thing from a gameboy game I can't remember). Anybody have
> more info on that cartoon?
> Then there was a sort of gameshow for kids, I think it was called Video Power.
> I rmember there being small teams (2-4 people) and you would have to buzz in and
> answer questions about games, identify what game a song was from, compete to get
> a high score, etc. The highlight was at the end, where the winner got to run
> through this huge obstacle course and grab all the games he could velcro to his
> body and reach the finish line. If he made it to the end before time ran out,
> he got to keep all the loot. I think they also hid a super prize in there,
> something like a Neo*Geo system I guess. I could have sworn I stumbled across a
> piece written by a contestant a few years ago detailing his experience on the
> show, but I can't for the life of me remember where I saw that.
> These both would have been on in the late 80s/early 90s, but oddly enough I seem
> to recall GamePro TV airing in the mid-late 90s again.
> Anybody come up with some other videogame shows?

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