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SubjectRe: Does anyone know if.. Reply to this message
Posted byEP
Posted on04/14/05 01:48 AM

> the EMS USB2 adapter supports the PS2 Logitech Cordless Action? I just got the
> Super Dual Box and it doesn't. I heard some people that got a few select
> adaptors to work with the Cordless Action. The only working adaptor that I heard
> of is the one from Radio Shack. It's called PSX-to-USB Game Adapter with
> Vibration Driver. I may go get one this weekend but it has only one port where
> as the Super Dual Box has two ports. BTW: the Super Dual Box is great with my
> regular PS1 and PS2 controllers just not my wireless Logitech.
> So now after my own experience and countless google searches looking for info I
> came up with this:
> non-working with PS2 Logitech Cordless Action
> Rockfire USB adapter
> SmartJoyPlus USB adapter
> Super Dual Box
> The PS2 Logitech Cordless Action is a great controller once you get use to it.
> It is perfect for doing fireballs, dragon punches, and other motions on the
> weird cross pad. The responce time is great and I still find myself forgetting
> that it's wireless. The only drawback to this controller is the buttons stick
> after using it a lot.
> So if anyone here can name any that work for sure with the Cordless action
> please feel free to reply to this post. Thanks
> EP

I ordered one of these EMS USB 2 adapters on Monday and received it earlier today. I decided to finally get one because I found a guys site, after thousands of google searches, which mentioned he got some wireless Logitech PSX controllers to work with his. So, I got my EMS USB Dual Shooter Gun Controller Converter earlier today.

Getting it to work was a bit of a problem at first but then I realized I hadn't moved the switch on the back to pc. I could have sworn it was already on pc but it wasn't. I simply removed the unknown USB device in the device manager and rebooted. Windows loaded up and found the device properly. I first tested the adapter with my PS2 dual shocks and it works like a charm just like the Super Dual Box. I then crossed my fingers and sure enough it worked with my PS2 Logitech Cordless Action. It makes a great cordless controller for the PC. Now I got to get another controller since it works so well.


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