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SubjectMeka wip 04.13 Reply to this message
Posted byHawq
Posted on04/14/05 02:01 PM

Master System/Game Gear emu, well ok it does the other 8bit sega systems as well but those 2 are the ones most are interested in really arent they?, heres whats new:

  • Added a "setup.bat" command file to run the interactive setup.
    Seems like few people were aware of this feature.
  • The interactive setup now offers to enable/disable the debugger, so you don't have to manually enable it.
  • Updated Allegro library from WIP 4.1.12 to 4.1.18, which includes various fixes/improvements:
  • Fixed crash on early aborting (eg: command line error) due to non properly stopping joystick polling thread.

  • Early work on debugger PRINT (P) command.
    (eg: "P 0042", "P %00101010", "P BC").
  • Updated various tidbits of documentation.
  • Added and modified entries in the checksum and compatibility lists.
    Some particular renaming includes:
    SMS - 60c19645 - Akai Koudan Zillion (JP) --> Zillion / Akai Koudan Zillion
    (note: this ROM was released in both Japan and Europe)
    SMS - 5718762c - Zillion --> Zillion (US)
    The "PRINT" command in the debugger is yet very primitive - I started hacking it without a proper plan and I'll probably end doing it better from stratch. Proper variable replacement and expression evaluators are needed, and once they'll be written should be usable from other commands. This is also the base to implement symbol support, a much required feature for Sega 8-bit programmers

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