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Subjectwww.mamedev.com is Aaron's new site -nt- look here for updates Reply to this message
Posted bylux_92886
Posted on04/21/05 08:47 AM

> Well another emu bites the dust, due to something called real life possibly
> (what systems that on then?), heres the announcement:
> Haze just published a little web page where he mentions raine here :
> http://haze.mameworld.info/
> To summarize : if people want to try hacks then they should do them on raine,
> and raine would deserve more work and more people working on it. I totally
> agree. Why people did not try to contribute to raine in all these years when it
> was open source and had many interesting points is beyond me.
> Don't tell me it's just because the code is complex, it's not really more
> complex than some parts of mame code.
> Anyway, as some of you have probably already guessed, we are reaching the end
> now. I am loosing motivation to continue to work on raine, and it would be
> insane to do all the stuff that I would want to do alone (yeah I also happen to
> be busy elswhere and it would take way too much time).
> I know some of you would have liked to contribute but do not have the skills,
> but anyway we have reached the point in time where things can't continue with me
> alone. It's a shame but I can't do anymore. I would just like to say that I
> never intended to become the main raine developper. At the begining I just
> wanted to improve a few little things here and there (I wanted to specialize in
> fixes, leaving all the big work of adding new drivers to others), and then all
> the others have stopped one by one... I have done much more than what I expected
> to do at the begining, and the result is not so bad, compared to the old 0.28...
> If you wonder what would take so much time : I spend more time on a mac right
> now than on the pc. The mac has a powerpc architecture. Porting raine to this
> architecture would mean rewriting all the cpu emulators + some parts of the
> video functions !!! Even on the pc the sdl version should be finished and a new
> gui made for it. This part alone is already considerable work. More than I can
> do right now.
> So except a miracle, there will only be maintenance releases now. I don't think
> I will ever take the time to make a big release again. Sorry !
> Read it & comment here in the Raine boards
> The wise man knows when he does not know enough

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