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SubjectOT - Computer Space Simulator v1.0 - FREEWARE Reply to this message
Posted bymoosehead
Posted on05/11/05 02:29 AM

A new Computer Space Simulator has just been completed and released.

Computer Space Simulator is a remake / simulation of the very first coin-operated video arcade game, which went on sale in 1971.

Computer Space Simulator is for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, or later.

The game play in Computer Space consists of you controlling a Rocket and attacking and avoiding the computer controlled enemy Saucers that are trying to shoot you or collide with you. You have an infinite number of lives, but each game has a set time limit. The object of the game is to have a higher score than the enemy at the end of the time limit.

This simulator supports the following modes of operation : Demo, 1 Player Vs Saucers, Co-Op 2 Player Against the Saucers, and Deathmatch Player 1 Vs Player 2 (No Saucers).

To get help or find out more, please see the "Computer_Space.PDF" file (after installation or get it from my web site).

This is FREEWARE - please distribute and use it freely.

Special thanks to Kevin at Computer Space Fan: http://www.computerspacefan.com/ -
thanks for all your help with this Kevin !!!

Check out http://move.to/moose for further details.

Moose's Software Valley