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SubjectRIN Ver1.12, vNes Symbian 1.6, ZSNES May 19 WIP, Reality Boy 0.82a1 Reply to this message
Posted byHawq
Posted on05/20/05 02:00 PM

GB/GBC emu for the PSP rev 1.00, heres whats new:

    + Timer functions added
    + Wait Stepping On/Off via button
    + Performance Improvements (LCK & ruka)
    + 3 Screen Modes added (z-wrt)
    > x2 (scanline) - Scanline draw every 4 lines
    > x2 (uncropped without top) - doublesized display with top 16 pixels omitted
    > x2 (uncropped without bottom) - doublesized displaye with bottom 16 pixels omitted
    + Others

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Nes emu for phones of the n-gage type, heres whats new:
  • New screen size for portrait/landscape/rotate mode. In addition to 176x208,256x224, there is 208x176,-208x176,224x256,-224x256 mode
  • Improved drawing speed for "highest quality"
  • 44K sound output for Nokia 6630,6680 (previous version 16K)
  • Improved screen speed for Nokia 6680 that has 262K colors
  • Add more than 20 mappers (especially support for N-in-1 roms)

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Another wip update for this excellent SNES emu, heres whats new this time:
  • Graphics engine updates, fixes ToP intro and some other stuff [pagefault]
  • Added variable FastForward/Slowdown options, and a Emulation Speed slider. [ipher, grinvader]
  • Rewind interval is now a multiple of 1/5 seconds [grinvader]
  • Added Pause After Loading State and Pause After Rewind options to the Save menu [Nach, ipher]
  • Fixed preproccessor code [Nach]
  • Panic key now resets offset mode and windowing state [pagefault]
  • Fixed some issues during Pause [Nach]
  • Fixed some issues during frame increment [grinvader]
  • New caps on rewind. [grinvader]
  • Lower memory usage. [Nach]

  • Renamed the ZSNESW window from ZSNESWIN to ZSNES [pagefault]

  • Fixed various save files not working correctly when loading ROM via command line. [Nach]

  • Fixed space bar video change problem. [Nach]
  • Can now rewind. [Nach, ipher]

  • Added Append (dummy) and Dump Raw movie (GUI, CL) options [Nach, ipher]
  • States in movies are now compressed [Nach]
  • Added initial state of input configuration to header. [Nach]
  • Added mouse support and Super Scope support (buggy) to movies. [Nach]
  • Movies now record average speed. [grinvader]

  • Changed "Game Keys" to "Misc Keys" [Nach]
  • Added Speed Option window, moved all speed related options there. [ipher, grinvader]
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to Add-Ons, Chip Cfg, and Movie Option windows. [ipher]
  • Grayed out all Netplay options, they are no longer selectable at all. [ipher]
  • Fixed some random errors. [grinvader]
  • Some minor improvements. [ipher]

  • Partial cleanup/reorganization of the GUI code. Lots of little things fixed. [ipher]
  • Removed dead code [Nach]
  • Worked around an odd NASM bug. Thanks MxC and Noxious Ninja. [Nach]
  • Cleanup [ipher, grinvader, Nach]
    Note: You MUST delete your Config files before using this WIP.

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Reality Boy
Virtual Boy emu, heres what the author has to say:
    'I'm just to busy right now to polish off this release of reality boy so I decided to release an early alpha with known bugs. The big change is support for a real VB controller on the parallel port. This is the only way to play VB games on the computer that even comes close to matching the experience of a real VB, that is if you use some 3D glasses as well. '

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