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SubjectMAME32FX 0.96u2 & Mame32Hp4 .96u2 Reply to this message
Posted byHawq
Posted on05/24/05 01:16 PM

Unofficial Mame, heres whats new:

    Updated to MAME 0.96u2 - MAME32 0.96
  • Added "Save Current Game List" menu to the GUI.
  • Added "Save Current ROMs List" menu to the GUI.
  • Changed shortcut to show command list on the fly. (END)
  • Corrected in a better way resolution in Gradius III and clones.
  • Fixed a couple of display bugs in datafile.c
  • Improved support for english command.dat.
  • Removed some TWIN16.C driver changes. (They were incorrect)

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32FX based P4 optimised Mame, with quick, dirty cheat.dat update along with a command.dat, history.dat, highscore.dat, info.dat & Tekken 3 save & the games Gridlee, Poly-Play & Robby Roto
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