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SubjectRecommendations for PC/LCD TV setup Reply to this message
Posted byfinaldave
Posted on06/04/05 07:44 AM

Got a Super JoyBox 11 as recommended to plug Xbox joypads into my laptop, and my laptop is connected into my new LCD screen, and it's great! No lag, you can even use the digital joypad for fighting games. If you set the refresh rate of your monitor to 60hz it seems to scroll very nicely as well.

Currently I've tried FB and MAME and both seem to work really well.

I'm exploring the idea of abandoning my chipped Xbox entirely for emulation, and just having a PC running all the time. Probably thinking of spending about 500 ($900) on a new PC for this.

Do you have any recommendations for:

* Normal PCs with Ethernet connections good for emulation and games like WolfET Pro or Half Life 2, FEAR etc...

* Silent PCs with Ethernet connections good for the above at that price (not sure if that will be necessary in the lounge, but just exploring the options)

* A frontend to launch all the emulators that will let me launch games using the Xbox Joypads (just like on the Xbox). I could code one up, but it would be very tricky to get it to run all emulators (e.g. the ones which need File|Open Rom). Has anyone done all this work already to make a nice Emulation PC?

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