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SubjectPS Arcade Stick on Xbox Reply to this message
Posted bymamegodx
Posted on06/08/05 07:27 PM


These days I find myself playing alot of MameX and MameOX and would like to use an arcade stick.

I have a great Hori Arcade stick for Playstation (one) and a PS2 _>Xbox adapter but it doesnt work.

After some testing it seems that any PS1 controller that doesnt have the analog sticks on them wont work through the converter. Any ideas? Anyone know if there are any adapters confirmed to work with arcade sticks?

I'm tempted to buy the Street Fighter Arcade Stick from the local EB games, but the price is a bit high when I already have a stick (that works great on PS1 or PS2). Also I read the SF arcade stick will stick (pardon the pun) in a certain direction occasionally.

Thanks for any input.

Mame On!