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SubjectDONT DO THE UPGRADE TO 1.52!! Reply to this message
Posted byinfiniti11
Posted on06/17/05 02:04 AM

> FYI - Version 2 of SwapPloit has been released that apparently solves the issue
> of having to use 2 Memory sticks. In addition to this there has been some
> negative press on Memsticks becoming unusable in the PSPs for a variety of
> reasons.
> I would implore anyone to read up on the pros and cons before attempting to run
> the homebrew apps on the PSP. Like all new emulator utils there is and always
> will be issues in the infancy stage.
> If the Board Admins have no objections i can post a couple of links to the sites
> providing the necessary files.
> Well, it appears that a firmware upgrade for the US PSP has been released
> already > 1.52
> Obviously if you upgrade it's bye bye homebrew for now so i would disuade those
> interested in this area from upgrading.
> http://www.us.playstation.com/psp.aspx?id=softwareupdate for those that do want
> to upgrade.
> New changes in this release include:
> – UMD™ Music can now be played under [Music] in the home menu.
> – Strengthening of system software security. [I wonder why]

Why tell us about the 1.52 upgrade? This is an Emulation board and if we all wanted Sony to rule our lives and make our PSPs usuable for emulation, then we would upgrade our firmware. NOTE TO ALL PSP USERS......don't do this 1.52 upgrade! It will leave your PSP useless for emulation.

Screw Sony and their monopolistic ways. We want to run our emulators on the PSP and now that is possible for us Americans....haha Sony....you LOSE!

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