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SubjectRe: over-the-top=response Reply to this message
Posted byMooglyGuy
Posted on06/17/05 03:57 PM

> I really wish misinformed, un-opinionated, un-idealistic, pompous individuals
> like yourself would stay off these boards......

Wow, and a tirade like that isn't pompous at all. I suppose we're lucky to have people like you, aren't we?

Point is, there's nothing that anyone can do to stop this shit. You're urging people to what, boycott Sony because they're trying to keep their system secure? You can rationalize it all you want by saying that it's emulation and it has nothing to do with playing pirated modern games, and on a board like this, you'd be right. The problem is the fact that hacking a console for homebrew, in terms of potential, goes hand-in-hand with game piracy on that console. Sure, you might not plan on playing pirated games, but if the system is hacked so that it can run unsigned code, it's just a matter of someone writing a homebrew program to dump the contents of a UMD to the memory card before you start seeing dumps of the games floating around the web, and it's only a step further to then expect people to start figuring out ways of playing these pirated games.

By and large, Sony couldn't really give a fuck about the fact that running unsigned code opens the PSP up for support in the emulation community via the homebrew scene. They just give a fuck about the fact that the same hack that's a vehicle for nostalgia among few has the potential to be a vehicle for piracy among many. They're not trying to screw people who want to play retro videogames on the go. That's just collateral damage from trying to keep the system secure from piracy.

Oh, also, I should point out that if you want to play new games that come out for the PSP, you don't really have a choice in the matter. I'm certain that Sony will require all subsequently released games to work only with that revision or higher, and that said games will also automatically flash the firmware to the newest revision, so you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't.

But hey, go ahead. Boycott Sony for their evil anti-homebrew-emulation ways. I'm sure the dent that you and like ten other people can make in Sony's profits will certainly make them reconsider.

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