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Subjectboycott??? Reply to this message
Posted byinfiniti11
Posted on06/17/05 07:42 PM

> > I really wish misinformed, un-opinionated, un-idealistic, pompous individuals
> > like yourself would stay off these boards......
> Wow, and a tirade like that isn't pompous at all. I suppose we're lucky to have
> people like you, aren't we?
> Point is, there's nothing that anyone can do to stop this shit. You're urging
> people to what, boycott Sony because they're trying to keep their system secure?
> You can rationalize it all you want by saying that it's emulation and it has
> nothing to do with playing pirated modern games, and on a board like this, you'd
> be right. The problem is the fact that hacking a console for homebrew, in terms
> of potential, goes hand-in-hand with game piracy on that console. Sure, you
> might not plan on playing pirated games, but if the system is hacked so that it
> can run unsigned code, it's just a matter of someone writing a homebrew program
> to dump the contents of a UMD to the memory card before you start seeing dumps
> of the games floating around the web, and it's only a step further to then
> expect people to start figuring out ways of playing these pirated games.
> By and large, Sony couldn't really give a fuck about the fact that running
> unsigned code opens the PSP up for support in the emulation community via the
> homebrew scene. They just give a fuck about the fact that the same hack that's
> a vehicle for nostalgia among few has the potential to be a vehicle for piracy
> among many. They're not trying to screw people who want to play retro
> videogames on the go. That's just collateral damage from trying to keep the
> system secure from piracy.
> Oh, also, I should point out that if you want to play new games that come out
> for the PSP, you don't really have a choice in the matter. I'm certain that
> Sony will require all subsequently released games to work only with that
> revision or higher, and that said games will also automatically flash the
> firmware to the newest revision, so you're damned if you do and you're damned if
> you don't.
> But hey, go ahead. Boycott Sony for their evil anti-homebrew-emulation ways.
> I'm sure the dent that you and like ten other people can make in Sony's profits
> will certainly make them reconsider.

Boycott? Who said anything about that? I said that Sony looses...for sakes of smart people cracking their machines...for emulation. it is a great achievement considering the 128bit encryption that is on 1.5 firmware....hats off to the team that did it!

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