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SubjectRe: over-the-top=response Reply to this message
Posted byfinaldave
Posted on06/17/05 07:54 PM

> > I really wish misinformed, un-opinionated, un-idealistic, pompous individuals
> > like yourself would stay off these boards......
> Wow, and a tirade like that isn't pompous at all. I suppose we're lucky to have
> people like you, aren't we?
> Point is, there's nothing that anyone can do to stop this shit. You're urging
> people to what, boycott Sony because they're trying to keep their system secure?
> You can rationalize it all you want by saying that it's emulation and it has
> nothing to do with playing pirated modern games, and on a board like this, you'd
> be right. The problem is the fact that hacking a console for homebrew, in terms
> of potential, goes hand-in-hand with game piracy on that console.

doesn't necessarily have to be all about piracy tho - i've had my xbox chipped for about 1 1/2 years now, so far I've pirated two games: TMNT and Out Run 2 and bought about 50-odd.
TMNT I just deleted after playing for about five minutes because it was rubbish. Outrun 2 I recently bought.

I think the main reason is that I have only got the standard 8GB HD, so there's nowhere to store them. I think that's the trick really, make buying the games a lot simpler that just downloading them and stashing them somewhere. As long as PSP games eventually come down to budget at about 10, I think they should be alright

if there's an old Xbox game I want, I just pop down to HMV and get it for 10, rather than go through the hassle of bittorenting it. It's a lot easier, and it's legal.

Just common sense really, to prevent piracy, just make sure your publishing method is more desirable than piracy...

Foir me the only thing I do on my modded Xbox other then legal gaming is to take screenshots of games, develop emulation code, and play around with DirectX 8. No pirating going on here! So just opening up a system isn't necessarily opening yourself up to piracy.

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