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SubjectMAME 0.97u2 & MAME32FX 0.97u2 Reply to this message
Posted byHawq
Posted on06/20/05 10:23 AM

Mame update time, heres whats new in todays diff:

    MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
  • intrepi237b13gre [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
  • robokid37b15gre [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
  • azurian060gre [MASH]
  • gradius3094u5gra [Mamesick]

    Source Changes
  • System 32 games are seriously under construction now. Do not report any
    bugs against them. The Multi-32 games are even more broken. [Aaron Giles]
  • Fixed Windows build so it works again on Windows 95. [Krick]
  • Added priorities, fixing 3rd level in The Combatribes. [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
  • Updated the sound balancing in donpachi, manzinger, metmqstr and pwrinst2.
  • Fixed video problems in ninjaw, which broke with the new colscroll addition.
    [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
  • Changed OKI volume in midres to match real pcb. [Corrado Tomaselli]
  • Fixed protection in World Class Bowling v1.40 Tournament. [Brian Troha]
  • Fixed NES PPU video timing. [Andrew Church]
  • Fixed usage of change_pc() in PowerPC core. [Nathan Woods]
  • Improvements to the SHARC CPU core [Ville Linde]
    - Correct IRQ handling
    - Many more opcodes, including floating-point
  • Improvements to the Konami PPC games [Ville Linde]
    - Fixed Gradius 4 data ROM mapping
    - Fixed PPC/SHARC communications
    - Fixed NVRAM protection on some games
    - Stubbed out LAN interface
  • Fixed Space Raider graphics 100%. [Frank Palazzolo]
  • Correct colors in Pac-Man & Chomp Chomp. [Nicola Salmoria, Guru]
  • Cleaned up starfield code and fixed/added starfields to Space Raider, Zero
    Hour, and Red Clash. [Frank Palazzolo]
  • Reapplied fix for bad shadows in Dyna Gears. [Mamesick]
  • Fixed the way the VIA 6522 shift register was implemented to get rid of
    the previous hacky way. [Mathis Rosenhauer]
  • Fixed the remaining gfx problems in Championship Bowling.
    [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
  • Added code to flush error.log every time the debugger is entered.
    [Nathan Woods]
  • Implemented the MCRXR instruction in the PowerPC core. [Nathan Woods]
  • Added step in/out support to the v60 disassembler. [Aaron Giles]
  • Added support for character constants in the expression engine.
    [Aaron Giles]

    New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
  • Final Tetris [David Haywood]

    New clones added
  • Turtle Ship (Japan) [Brian Troha]
  • Ladybug (bootleg set 2) [Sonikos]
  • Mr. Kougar (bootleg Set 2) [Sonikos]

    New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
  • LeMans 24 [R. Belmont]

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MAME32FX 0.97u2
Unofficial mame, heres whats new:
    Updated to MAME 0.97u2 - MAME32 0.97
  • Added full support for MASH's PCB infos in the GUI.
  • Fixed with an hack blank screen in Irem M92 games when are paused.
  • Fixed official MAME32 compiling bug in \windows\window.c.
  • Removed SSV.C driver changes. (They're included now in official MAME)
    NOTE: Please delete everything in \bkground\ directory before running the emulator

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