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SubjectNESCafe 0.60, SNEeSe 0.841, bsnes v0.008, Ville's mame wip Reply to this message
Posted byHawq
Posted on06/22/05 01:44 PM

NESCafe 0.60
Java Nes emu, heres whats new:

  • New Menu System (improved and common across Applet and Standalone)
  • Intermittent Rendering Engine Exception when GIF images are loaded fixed
  • ROM List Download can be against dynamic content, not just fixed-length
  • Applet can now Download ROMs from Server when Applet hosted on ROM Server
  • Compatible with newer versions of Java, such as Java 1.5
  • Fixed bug with Emulation Speed Message staying up for 5000 seconds
  • Muted Distributions available for Applet and Standalone for slower PCs

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SNEeSe 0.841
Snes emu, heres whats new:
  • Fixed a flaw in the order of operations in sample volume multiplication, causing a slight improvement in sound accuracy
  • Fixed a bug which caused attack rate 15 to be far too slow
  • Fixed bugs in sustain and release which could cause ENVX to underflow
  • Improved timing accuracy of direct envelope height setting mode

  • Fixed a bug in the MUL YA opcode which caused it to not update flags
  • Fixed a bug in the POP PSW which caused the direct page base address to not be updated
  • Corrected POP PSW to allow changing of B flag, and PUSH PSW to reflect its current state
  • Corrected a bug in updating of H flag by SBC, and some bugs in updating of flags in ADDW and SUBW, and potentially in INCW and DECW; thanks to Overload for some of the related research

  • Corrected handling of writes to BG offset registers and mode 7 matrix registers, thanks to anomie for research

  • Fixed some issues in the source which caused problems building on Linux, thanks to Jonathan Gevaryahu for pointing this out
    (b>0.84 [TRAC]
  • Fixed a flaw that caused problems during linking
  • Fixed a bug in the makefile that caused 'make clean' to not remove the binary

  • Fixed a bug in the timing of timer 2
  • Fixed a bug in the timing of SPC700 opcode execution
  • Fixed a bug affecting all of the SPC700 timers, causing the delay needed for cases where the timer target is set previous to the current position to only be applied in all cases where it was not needed
  • Rewrote entire core, replacing it with a cycle-based core written in C; helps Tales of Phantasia and games by Enix
  • Corrected timer counter registers to not be reset on write, and corrected most write opcodes to read first, thanks to anomie for research confirming this theory

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bsnes v0.008
Snes emu, heres whats new:
    By moving the window + main color window clipping into the bg/oam/mode7 rendering routines themselves, I was able to greatly simplify the most complicated part of rendering: the final pass where color add/sub effects are applied. As a result, the new PPU core is not only ~35% faster (on graphics intensive screens, even faster on simpler screens), but more accurate as well. Awesome.
    In celebration, I'm releasing bsnes v0.008. I can actually run all games I have at >60fps on my Athlon 1.67ghz PC. Probably not something to brag about, though ...
    Oh, and I also updated the keyboard polling code to only capture keypresses if the main window has focus. I've been meaning to do this for the better part of a year now, but never got around to it.
    If, for some reason, you still want to use the old renderer, you can uncomment the first line in src/ppu/bppu/bppu.h and recompile the emulator yourself. Or you can use v0.007a, I'll leave it up for a bit.

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Ville's mame wip
Dont often do mame wip news these days but this one I had to, courtesy of a fixed bug in the MPC106 emulation Sega Rally 2 and Star Wars Trilogy are working in MAME
Head on over here to check out the shots

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