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Subject**UPDATE - Nostalgia, Apple II Oasis Reply to this message
Posted byTheInformer
Posted on07/01/05 00:59 AM

Nostalgia v0.42[Home Page]

From the home page:

Updates in version 4.2 (06/29/05):
  • Added a screen saver! Press from any of the menus to activate it.
  • Applied some optimizations to greatly increase the speed of the emulator engine. This means Nostalgia will run at full speed on more computers.
  • Added Kaillera network support! Run from the command line with the -k switch, or run from inside Nostalgia.
  • Fixed a GLARING bug in initial multiplayer implementation.
  • Fixed some bugs in Joystick implementation.
  • Added the ability to customize other keys, like screenshot, sound enable, etc. Edit controls.cfg to change them. Valid values are found in controls.txt.
  • Fixed the "Ice Trek" bug that prevented you from getting to the last screen.
  • Updated Ice Trek bug fix with Joe Z's new info. Thanks, Joe!
  • Fixed a series of bugs with the display of moving objects.
  • Small updates to sound emulation for accuracy
  • Fixed a bug in the way controls.cfg was saved. Thanks to Rick for finding this one.

Debugger updates:

- Fixed a bug that prevented certain games from loading.

Apple II Oasis v2.6[Home Page]

SubjectRe: **UPDATE - Nostalgia, Apple II Oasis new Reply to this message
Posted byretroK
Posted on07/01/05 05:48 PM

Apple 2 Oasis is from 2004...
don't trust the news from emu9

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