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SubjectSNES DS and PocketSPC for DS Reply to this message
Posted byVmprHntrD
Posted on07/05/05 03:52 PM

Top is the SNES emulator, second is a SNES sound chip emulator.



The top is done by Loopy, a port of the SNES Advance emulator which can do the games it does run on a GBA at 80-100% speed. Same basic stuff runs, no audio of course, but it fits the screen nicer and runs 100% speed, and also with the larger view area more is seen and not lost. The 2nd is done by gladius which made a decent SPC emulator on the limited GBA hardware for audio, but the DS one has all audio emulated over all channels.

Unlike the PSP snes emulator which is a cheezy port of a buggy snes9x core, this is a well coded very optimized emu for an ARM7 chip put into the ARM9 of the DS so it flies, is limited to be full speed, and with all the added room in time should handle full audio and even special chips. Keep an eye out.

NO official sites, sadly have to watch that pathetic forum there for updated for the time being.