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SubjectRe: Question? Reply to this message
Posted byslipstream
Posted on07/27/05 07:00 PM

> > So there aren't going to be any more Naomi1/2 games or Atomisware? Is the
> "next"
> > version of hardware affordable? I thought Playmore was going to Atomisware? So
> > will they be using the "Naomi3" boards or just no longer doing games?
> The "Naomi 3" is the Lindburgh, Sega's new high end hardware. This will take
> over duties from the Chihiro and Naomi 2.
> It is at least on par with the next gen consoles.
> The Aurora is replacing the Naomi, Atomiswave and just about every other budget
> system. It is the low end hardware and it will be very cheap and easy to both
> develop for and purchase, its also about 4 times as powerful as both the naomi
> and atomiswave.
> All developement will shift over to these systems from teams using the older
> hardware, and it is expected that it will attrack most of the other 3rd party
> ones as well, although this is speculation on my part,
> Cheers,
> Six...
> System16 - The Arcade Museum

Sixtoe, what you posted could very well be what will happen, however from my understanding there is going to be three new Sega arcade boards

Lindbergh - uses the first version of PowerVR Series 5 GPU which was completed in 2004. Lingbergh will replace NAOMI2 - it will probably be at best, as powerful as Xbox 360, but not as powerful as PS3. although, going by HOTD4, the Lindbergh board may be somewhat less powerful than Xbox 360.

System SP - will use the new version of PowerVR Series 5 slated for 2006 which is called PowerVR Eurasia. the SystemSP board will be Sega's most powerful board for the foreseeable future, and should be more powerful than the nextgen consoles.

(Lindbergh and System SP are not the same)

Aurora: new lowend board to replace NAOMI, Atomiswave and all other budget boards (as you said). but is not as powerful as NAOMI 2.

NAOMI 2: 10 to 12 million polygons/sec - 200M pixels/sec fillrate
Aurora: about 7 million polygons/sec - 150M pixels/sec fillrate
Dreamcast / NAOMI / Atomiswave: 3-4 million polygons/sec - 100M pixels/sec fillrate

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