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SubjectOsman here Reply to this message
Posted bycarrotroot
Posted on08/08/05 01:29 PM

Strider was an awsome game but Osman is even better IMO (Good control, slick graphics, and nice sound). Definately a worth sequal/prequal to the original Strider arcade.

> > Was looking over the screenshots of Osman. They look great! They also look
> > alot like Strider. I'm hoping the gameplay is as good. Anyone care to share?
> > Great work Haze.
> >
> > n2
> I've played it a bit the other night, up to level 3 or 4.
> It's very much like Strider. Graphically it's very psychedelic, whereas Strider
> was a bit more "realistic" (if that makes any sense). It feels and plays a lot
> like a new 2D Strider. Which is a good thing. :)
> I'd hesitate to call it better, but it's certainly fun and the visuals are very
> interesting.
> -Prophet-
> www.retrogames.com

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