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SubjectOsman is a cheap knockoff Reply to this message
Posted byChachiSqrPants
Posted on08/10/05 12:43 PM

I'm not sure what Roushi is smoking, but Osman is a cheap knockoff on a truly innovative and classic game 5 years and multitudes of hardware advancements later.

While the graphics may be a bit updated in some respects, they still do not match the overall awe and inspiration of the original Strider. The gameplay can't match the original, as it doesn't innovate and even detracts in that the smoothness is lost while cheap hits abound. The sound is again dissapointing. One of the best aspects of Strider is the soundtrack, which is listen to to this day. It matched the environment changes exactly and added to the excitement of the cutscenes. All this from a game 16 years old.

It's probably a bad idea to compare an average game like Osman to a truly innovative game like Strider. Standing alone, Osman is an average side scroller which may provide a bit of fun (I played through the first few levels and thought it was okay), but clearly has no unique and lasting elements. I hadn't even heard of this game before it was emulated, and I'm sure others hadn't as well. You can't say that about Strider, though being the first 8MB (Genesis) game doesn't hurt.

On another note, is there a SuperGrafx emulator available for the (I think) unreleased Strider game?


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