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SubjectRe: Osman is a cheap knockoff Reply to this message
Posted byProphet (RG)
Posted on08/10/05 06:36 PM

I pretty much agree about Strider. And the soundtrack was amazing, I can still hear that 1st level theme in my head note for note.

Osman is fun, it's a decent looking Strider-like game. But not a classic, and the soundtrack is definitely weak although it sounds OK while playing. You won't remember the tunes an hour later though, unlike Strider where they stay in your head forever.

> On another note, is there a SuperGrafx emulator available for the (I think)
> unreleased Strider game?

Magic Engine does SuperGrafx perfectly.

But the Strider ROM isn't available. Was Strider SGX ever released for sale in Japan? Was the game finished or just in beta stages?

Would be nice to see it, to compare to the arcade one. I'm sure it's like GnG - better graphics than the Genesis version but weaker audio than the arcade.


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